KB Public School - Vision Mission

Our Vision

The realization of the vision of transforming India into a developed nation is not only an aspiration of millions of Indians, but also a challenge for those who are making conscious efforts to translate the dreams of first world for a third world nation. Hence road map for achieving this goal lies nowhere else other than making today's baby a precious asset of tomorrow society. In this gigantic task of improving the quality of human resource the effective participation of people is possible only when they are approximately equal in capacity and power. The political freedom is meaningless unless it is supported by economic stability and this is possible only when people are skillfully competent enough to face the challenges of future society. Here comes the role of education which is only the effective tool for bringing about this transformation. Quality education which even at present is a distant dream of common masses and is beyond their capacity and K.B Public school community stands committed for it.If we fail to address the problem of educationally, socially and economically backward people, we will be unconsciously allowing ignorance to compound our miseries and will be allowing ourselves to be permanently shackled in oppression and neglect.

Our Mission

It is our endeavor to enable the students to acquire dignity in their conduct and behavior whether they are in the school or outside the school and should be recognized as boys and girls of excellence. They are expected to be the flag bearers of our rich culture and they should elevate themselves to position where they are regarded by the visionaries as potential and effective partners of progress and change. '

Translation of this vision into a mission is what K.B. Public School stands for. Realizing that real social development and progress are difficult to imagine without preparing the younger generation for the same through value based education. GurjarDesh Charitable Trust finalized the establishment of this school with a vision and a mission. The vision is to pave the ground for a progressive and pragmatic society and the mission is to make quality education available to all sections of the society irrespective of religion, caste and colour. The Trustees see in this the seminal seeds of social transformation and future saplings of a generation that is committed to their academic pursuits and quality of life. The school is discreetly named after Brigadier KhudaBaksh, a son of the soil, who envisioned a society free from inequality and illiteracy. It is the earnest endeavor of the Trust to see this dream translated into reality.


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