The Trust is really doing yeoman’s service for the down-trodden groups of the society especiallythe Gujjar Tribal.

Dr. F U Siddiqui
Maulana Azad Education Foundation
(Sep 15 1997)

Under the able A.G Mir Sahib and selflessdevotion and dedication of some inspired godservants, a wonderful institution has come to birthfor the deprived. I salute all of you.

Dr. Agha Ashraf Ali
Retd. Professor
(Feb. 7‘”, 2003)

l happened to be here in connection with myfamily visit to the shrine. After visiting theinstitution l realized that the journey would have been incomplete but for visit to such a lovely place. Service of humanity is the best thing onecan do in life. l am impressed and motivated. L pray and wish for the wellbeing of all those whoare involved in making of this institution. K

P Singh, IPS
(Mar 24, 2003)

Very Much impressed with school building,Hostel, Staff and Trustees, lam sure the same isgrooming the children in an environment and in amanner to make them capable to compete withthe students of the best of the schools in thecountry

Dr. R M Dubey
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
(April 6‘”, 2003)

l visited the school. l must say teachers andstudents are working with dedication andmissionary zeal. This institution has a greatfuture. The state Government will extend allsupport forits expansion.

Mufti Mohammed Sayed
Chief Minister
J&K State
(April 25'”, 2003)

Wonderful Institution for a noble cause, speciallyrun for a noble cause!

Maj Gen FarbidLidderWctor Force, Sgr
(Feb 6"’, 2004)

K. B Public School is an example of very sincereand honest efforts towards uplifting the Firstgeneration of the community Principal's deepsense of commitment to the assigned job isremarkable and very re-assuring. The disciplineof school genuinely reflects the rewards ofcollective efforts of the wonderful team ofteachers. The vision ofthe principal and his teamof teachers leave us in no doubt as to the brightfuture ofthe school. The all-round development ofpersonality should be guiding principle and toachieve that sufficient focus may be given onextracurricular activities, games and sportsexposure.

Khwajalftikhar Ahmed
Aligarh Muslim University
(December 8”’, 2004)

l am highly impressed by the manner in which the institution is being run, more so a charitableinstitution. Whether it is hostel or classroom oreven bathroom. Everything was spick n- span.More important, l am impressed by the objectiveofthe Trust. Keep the good work!

Na wangRigzinZora
Minister for Power
(Dec. 24"’, 2005)

l and my family have great hopes from institution.Kindly see that our boys and girls shine not only in India but in whole world.

Dr Farooq Abdullah
Former Chief Minister .
J&K State
(Dec. 13” 2006)

lt is very heartening to see the excellent workdone by the Trust. l hope and pray that as myfather saw this institution earns a name not only inthe rest of country but internationally as well. Allthe best!!

Member Parliament
(April 75" 2007)

It has been my life-long endeavor to work for the upliftment of the backward and down trodden, but vast community of Gujjars.

It is, therefore dream come true for me to see the Gujjar Desh Charitable Trust develop and come of the age
I offer nothing g less than my best wishes to the centre.

Begum Akbar Jahan


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