Message from the Baba-e-Qoum’s Desk

This school is symbolic of the tireless efforts that went into the moulding of the institution which is now one of the leading city schools in Jammu. What puts us a class apart is that we have tried to de-commercialize education. Money making has so disgracefully been laced with the imparting of education that somewhere in this unholy process the meaning of education is getting asphyxiated. We have schools that cater to the haves and we have schools that cater to the needs of the haven't. If anything, such a condemnable practice is corrupting the very meaning and purposefulness of education. I am happy that we aren't just another school but a school with a purpose and a mission. To remove inequalities that pervade our society at social and economic levels is perhaps the biggest goal which our academicians have to chase in order to herald an era of progress and prosperity among all sections of the society. Unfortunately that is failing to come by with the desired momentum all because the high ideals of education are getting ruthlessly commercialized. From this particular angle, the contribution of this school, particularly to the students belonging to the weaker sections of the society, is commendable and noteworthy.

Mr Masud Choudhary


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