KB Public School - Admission Policy

Admission form 2022-23

Registration for Session 2022-2023

1. Written Exam for Entrance from Class 1-12
2. Students must qualify entrance test to get admission.
3. TC and other essential documents must be submitted at the time of admission.

K.B.P.SCHOOL offers English National Curriculum from Nursery to Class 12. School offers Medical, Non-Medical, Humanities and Commerce in Class 11 & 12.

The school caters for students who have the following attributes:

  • An age appropriate fluency in English language (speaking, reading, writing and comprehension)
  • A positive attitude to learning
  • The ability to thrive in a high achieving environment
  • Individual learning needs which can be largely met within the mainstream classroom and without significant additional adult support.
  • Above 70% in class 10.

Enrolment in Class 11 and 12

Streams available Medical, Non-Medical, Humanities and Commerce. Students must start this course at the beginning of Class 11

Criteria for seeking admission in Science, Commerce & Humanities stream

  • 70% for SC and ST students and 75% for non ST and non-SC
  • A relaxation will be provided to girl candidate. The lowest limit of admission intake for girl candidate of this school is 60%,fee will be charged from April 2021.

The School offers students many opportunities for personal development, academic study and growth, the development of leadership and collaborative skills, extra-curricular activities and a chance to contribute to the wider community. Former students, reflecting on their time at K.B.P.S, report warmly on the lasting impact of their experience at K.B.P.S.To fulfill their potential, they must also develop and focus their commitment, energy and ambition.

At K.B.P.S, we strive to promote the characteristics of the Learner Profile to prepare students generally for an independent life and for progression to higher education in particular.

a) The student's track record in terms of

• Work ethic
• Attitude
• Conduct
• Academic integrity
• Contribution to school life

b) A broad profile, based on performance in the Examinations.

c) A teacher recommendation that the course is appropriate for that student and that the student is likely to score.


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