KB Public School - Chairman's Message

"It is the vision which matters in forcing the future of any Institution"

I hereby feel whole heartedly proud to express and indicate that this school which was started almost two decades back has been able to provide education to the backward Nomad tribes especially Gujjarand Bakkarwals section in and around the city. This school during the last two decades has come up as an Institution in shaping the overall personality of the children in all aspects supplementing their growth and development and placing them in the race of excellence. It is worth mentioning here that we are the pioneers in running a school for the betterment of the backwards in our society although the wards of other castesandreligions are also taught and given equal opportunities here and that too at a very affordable andcomparatively less fee structure.

This school is a unique educational institution in the state where we have been able to provide the hostel facility to our girls students hailing from the far flung areas of the state. The most conspicuous thing which I want to highlight here is that the ‘Girl education’ slogan which is currently floating and circulating in the entire nation has already been reflecting in our school since many years and we have already reached and crossed the benchmark of emphasizing girl’s education by establishing girls hostel within the school premises. It gives immense pleasure to see that these girls are coming up as more than expected in each aspect of their education and personality as well. I feel that these girls will surely reach the epitome of discipline andself-management in life and finally enter into the world as a valuable Human Resource.

The great things in the world can only be achieved through consistent team spirit. Here I want to convey my gratitude to the principal and his team. I appreciate the principal of the school whose persistent efforts and overall execution has brought up the school to the present level and is reflected in the day by day excellence of the school. I have all the faith in himfor taking necessary initiatives and his projection for the further elevation of the school.

Finally I want to convey that I am grateful to the trust running this institution for providing me an opportunity to work as a chairman of this Institution. I assure the Trust and all the concerned that I will give my best to this Institution and come up to the expectation of the Trust.

Abdul Hamid Choudhary
(Chairman GDCT)



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