Message from the Chairman’s Desk

I strongly believe that true education should instill knowledge, creativity, tradition and culture among the children and we work together to motivate the children to perform well in every walk of their journey towards noble citizens of tomorrow.

Our Core Aspiration is to provide an Educational Excellence, in that every student makes a positive difference during the time with us. In expecting Excellence, we ensure that children enjoy school in a happy, safe and secure atmosphere designed to fulfill their potential.

Our aim is definitive, wherein each child shall receive an education which is skill based that teaches him/her to know the why and how, rather than the 'what' of things. We believe that it is important that the critical and logical side of a child must be developed in his formative years and each child must be able to independently ascertain the right and wrong of a situation, so that as an individual he/she is able to take independent decisions, which are well thought of and introspective, in nature.

Best wishes to the school in all its endeavours.

Ch. Arshad Ali


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